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Web development

Process of creating a website

Graphic creation

Basis of a visual communication


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Developing a true digital strategy

Even if they are overtaken by competitors who have already adopted the new communication and information technologies, any company must rethink its global strategy to integrate the new digital codes. This inexorably involves the development of an efficient digital strategy encompassing the actions that can be deployed on the web via different channels.

A digital strategy is based on many pillars, namely the creation of websites focused on UI and UX design, such as Amariline Fleurs for example, on web communication, web referencing, content marketing, distribution platforms (social networks, blogs, forums…) …

Showcase website

To create a showcase site is to benefit from a platform through which one can present one's activity as well as products and services in an attractive way, without selling online.

Mobile application

Developed to allow it to run on a mobile operating system, a mobile application proves to be effective in creating proximity between a brand and mobile users.

E-commerce website

The creation of an online sales platform is a vital necessity for merchants wishing to boost their growth potential and effectively boost their sales.

Communication consulting services

Community management

Content marketing

Landing page

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Responsive design

The custom-made that rocks!

A professional design and brand image

Customization allows a site to look like what you really want to represent on the web. There are no limits in terms of graphics, which allows you to create a design that is faithful to your graphic charter.

A web platform focused on the user experience

Because of the infinite possibilities of functionalities resulting from customization and the so-called “responsive” design that results, a custom website is the kind of platform that can bring a new user experience to its visitors.

The best of the best in SEO

The fact that the web interfaces are custom-made ensures optimal referencing, which is well defined by Seven Garden. These interfaces are designed and developed to enable them to comply with the requirements of search engines and Internet users.

Stimulating interest & action through image

Generating traffic is one thing, arousing the interest and action of every visitor is another! In this context, branding is of crucial importance. It results from the interweaving of several fundamental points:

Visual identity

Designs representing a company

Graphic design

The art of visually representing a brand

Web design

Perfect balance between UX and the IU

Web content is the KING

Content is the cornerstone of digital communication. An editorial staff with a controlled and optimized content allows to :

  • Improve credibility
  • Optimize its referencing
  • Satisfying its visitors

Visibility Audit

The visibility audit is a diagnosis of a brand’s visibility. It goes far beyond a simple SEO audit in a context where a simple analysis of the positioning on the SERPs is far from being sufficient to assess the visibility of a website. A visibility audit concerns both the ability of a website to generate qualified traffic and its popularity, e-reputation and notoriety (forums, social networks, etc.). A┬ácustom website like Outil jardin is a good example.